X reasons to hire Miikka

Miikka Sipilä
2 min readFeb 5


Hire me! by Miikka Sipilä

1. I’m never going to get bored of learning new and improving myself.

I’ve heard more than once someone tell me that I’m probably the most curious person they’ve ever met. I have a deep thirst for learning and understanding the world around us.

I find interesting things to learn anywhere and everywhere. Maybe in something that could benefit you?

2. I will always go the extra mile to help out someone.

I don’t exactly believe in karma, but having said that, I think good things come to those who bring good to others. I will always try my best to be helpful, nice, and just a good human being that brings value to everyone around me.

I love working as a part of a team. And I don’t just mean 5 people who happen to work on the same project. I love brainstorming new solutions and enjoy meaningful conversations that lead to all of us improving in some way.

3. I take pride in the work I’ve done.

Whenever I do something, I want to be able to look back at it and proudly say “I did that”. It pains me to leave things done haphazardly.

Having said that I’m well aware of the importance of adhering to deadlines. But if I find myself often in a situation where I feel like I’m constantly forced to do substandard work because of limitations, maybe I’m not the guy for you.

4. Ambition.

I know “shoot for the moon and you might land among the stars” or whatever the actual quote is, is tacky at best. But I do believe that each of us has the power to do incredible things if we don’t get in our way.

I have a firm belief that I can do great things in the future.

5. Positive attitude

“Do or do not, there is no try”
- Yoda

I always start from the standpoint that everything is possible. We just need to figure out how to do it. You will not hear me saying “that’s not possible”.

I might ask you “how the **** am I supposed to do that” instead. And then go figure it out.

6. What you see is what you get

I value honesty and straightforwardness very highly. I might not always give you the answer you want to hear, but I can guarantee you, that I will always speak the truth and communicate openly to my best knowledge.

I’m a loud and bombastic personality with a big presence and instead of hiding it, I’ve learned to embrace it.

7. ?????

8. Profit